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Red button shop

Upgrade products and packages with the remote control

An iTV e-commerce application on the Sky+ HD platform allowing exisiting customers to upgrade packages and devices using their remote control.  This project was initiated by the Sky Shop marketing team in an effort to create consistency across the entire customer shopping experience.  We completely re-structured the customer experience and created a fresher lightweight graphical style to boot.  The result was an almost 60% uplift in the use of iTV shop in sales.  The increase was so dramatic that on the launch day the product owner got a panicked call from the reporting team that the ‘service was broken’ because they had never seen such large volumes of sales coming through ever!  The numbers were correct –- the customers could just find what they wanted quickly and easily.

UI designer: Andrea Littley   UX designer:  Robert Andre 


User journey example:  buying Sky Multiroom

 Just one example of the many user journeys that we had to work through on this project.