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The question:  how do kids explore content and can this experience become a game?

We were asked to help a small team in Sky's product development group explore ways in which children find and consume media content.  In the process we created a ipad prototype to test our assumptions and find out if there was an appetite in the marketplace for a standalone media discovery product for children.  Kids do it different –– there is no doubt about it. They don't see clear differences between content types, whether it’s cartoons, movies, music or craft projects.  Our prototype used child defined passions as form of discovery and built media experiences dedicated to each ‘interest’ category.  We used gamification techniques to nudge children towards virtuous content such as documentaries, audio books and diy videos.  The fun illustrated style was created by ace illustrator, Leon Rosenberg who formerly worked for Cartoon Network.  


1. Entry frame.  Carousel view of themes. Top menu includes Favorites, a self timer to limit play, theme related missions that send the player on a journey through the content and a rewards section for badges and stickers that are won along the way.  There are a series of levels the player can climb through.    


1. Entry frame tile view.  View toggles between tiles and carousel.


 2. Dedicated section for each ‘interest’ catagory


3. Example of integrated games.  


 4.  Rewards for discovery and task completion.


 5. Player's room where they can place their stickers, trophies and rewards.